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Committee Self-Evaluation Survey 2013-14

Please assist us in our effort to improve committee effectiveness by providing your input on this survey. Consider the internal processes, external interactions, and work products as you respond to the questions. Thank you for your participation.

  Select the name of this specific committee from the list below. Your responses on the survey should apply only to the committee you identify. (You will receive a separate survey for each committee on which you participate.)
  What is your primary function at SBVC?
  How long have you served continuously on this committee?
  On how many other committees did you serve this year?
  Did you serve as chair or co-chair of this committee this year?
  Do you expect to serve on this committee again next year?
  Please indicate how often the committee's processes, interactions, and outcomes during the year reflected each of the following characteristics:
  Valuable contributions to processes and effectiveness.          
  Sharing, inclusiveness, openness to input, and respect for diverse opinions.          
  Effective and meaningful communication with the District community.          
  Meaningful dialogue.          
  Working properly and productively toward its intended results.          
  Efficient use of time.          
  Reliance on accurate information rather than speculation and anecdote.          
  Straight foward and easy to understand content.          
  Clearly defined problems.          
  Please indicate the extent to which you agree/disagree with the following statements about your service on this committee overall this year.
  I feel comfortable contributing ideas.        
  My ideas are treated with respect, whether or not others agree with them.        
  I have had sufficient opportunity to provide input into committee recommendations.        
  Please provide an overall rating for the year on the following aspects of the committee's work:
  Clarity of the committee's charge.            
  Quality of communication within the committee.            
  Quality of information flow from the committee to the constituency groups.            
  Quality of communication by the committee with the District community as a whole.            
  Access to data needed for deliberations.            
  Access to meeting space.            
  Access to other resources needed for the committee to work effectively.            
  Training or mentoring for you as a committee member.            
  Establishment of expectations or norms for committee members and chair(s).            
  Adherence to expectations or norms for committee members and chair(s).            

Thank you very much for participating in this important
effort to improve committee processes at SBVC.

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