Thinking of taking a training course to update your skills or to learn something new? There is a 4-step process listed below. Just be sure to allow enough time for the process. In addition to the committee's process, remember to include the college/district processes--several changes were made for FY 2019-20 . . . read more below.

Any employee who receives funding for a professional development activity may be asked to share the information gained with the campus community.

In a nutshell, here is the 4 Simple Steps to Processing PD Funded Travel/Conference Requests.

Procedures for Requesting Professional Development Funding for Individual Off-Campus Activities:

  • Note: The procedures below DO NOT APPLY for off-campus campus funded by other sources, only for those requesting funding from the Professional Development Committee.
  • Complete a Travel/Conference Request & Claim Form (Updated 03/16/2020)
    (see email from SBCCD on New Form)
  • Submit the completed SD-1 with the appropriate signatures and conference literature to Professional Development, ADSS-200, as soon as you are aware of an activity you wish to attend.
  • Employees usually pay for registration and other costs “up-front” and are reimbursed by the District. If you wish to receive and ADVANCE, complete the AC-10, Part B, with your supervisor/dean signature. Submit both your SD-1 and AC-10 request at least three months in advance of your conference date.
  • As soon as the committee meets and reviews your request, you will be notified of the status of your request.
  • Any activity, regardless of percentage of the activity funded by Professional Development, occurring outside the contiguous United States and/or when estimated travel expenses exceed $5,000 requires Board approval. The appropriate Board date will appear on your request form..

In order to receive reimbursement, you must submit the following:  

  • A completed Travel/Conference Request & Claim (updated 03/16/2020) signed by the claimant. (See email from SBCCD on New Form.)
  • All receipts (registration, hotel, parking, transportation, etc.). Must submit itemized receipts* for lodging, showing all charges with proof of payment, in order to get reimbursed. There is no reimbursement for alcohol. *Effective 7/1/19, no more itemized receipts for meals/incidental expense reimbursements required! These will be subject to a GSA* per diem rate instead. 
  • Your approved and signed SD-1 Form, "Individual Request for Conference Attendance" with activity literature attached that shows the name, date, location of conference.

Once received, the following will occur:

  • At this point, a Request for Purchase Requisition (PR) has been created for anticipated expenses. If you are requesting reimbursement, you are considered the vendor, therefore, please be sure to provide your name, home address, and phone number.
  • AR-1, “Activity Report Form”– Keep this form separate from your travel claim.

Please submit your travel reimbursement packet to the Professional Development Department, ADSS/200, for processing. PLEASE STAPLE YOUR PAPERWORK.

This paperwork must be submitted within 30 days of the event, according to District policy.

Be sure to keep a copy of everything submitted to the committee for your files.

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Updated 7/29/18